My name is Tricia Murch, and I am a professional permit expeditor.  Permit Solutions Inc. was created in 2007 after my retirement from municipal employment.  I saw the frustration from residents, developers, GC’s, and property maintenance companies trying to traverse the government permit landscape and decided I could take my experience and translate it into a business assisting clients with the administrative portion of their project(s).

Permit Solutions Inc. has evolved into a thriving firm experienced in the business of construction permit and project consulting.  It took years to gain my experience starting as a clerk typist in a local seashore city.  When the opportunity presented, I jumped at becoming a Public Works Investigator and moving into Sanitation Inspector taking on the role of code officer and inspector, recycling coordinator, street opening overseer, and many other responsibilities.  Moving up and over I became a code enforcement officer for the housing department, licensed hotel, and multiple dwelling inspector.  I continued my journey in the municipal arena by becoming a licensed building inspector followed by a certified technical assistant to construction.  It was at this point that I had gone as far as I could and decided to retire and open Permit Solutions Inc.

As we all know the market crashed and little was being done in construction in New Jersey.  I became a registered New York City expeditor/filing representative while studying and receiving my Associate’s Degree in Paralegal studies.  Subsequently, an opportunity with Homeland Security presented itself.  Under FEMA I became a disaster project specialist with the Federal Government until Superstorm Sandy hit the Jersey Shore.  It was this disaster that catapulted Permit Solutions Inc. into a full fledge expeditor firm growing continuously until this very day.

But my education and learning did not stop there.  In 2019 I became a certified Permit Technical through the International Code Council.

I have maintained my licenses and certifications as well as my memberships in the technical association helping to keep me up to date with current codes and standards. 

Thirty-five years of experience started with one opportunity in 1986. 

Permit Solutions, Inc
161 Delaware Ave, Oakhurst, NJ 07755
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