Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day: Wednesday, Oct. 19th!

Yes, there seems to be National holiday for just about everything these days! And a day to increase awareness and show support and gratitude to your local chamber of commerce is no exception! Celebrated the third Wednesday of each October, Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day is October 19 this year.

Here are 6 fun facts about the Chamber of Commerce:

  • The original term “chamber of commerce” was first recorded in 1599 in Marseilles, France when several businesses united and formed an organization.
  • The oldest Chamber in the US is New York State Chamber, established in 1768 chartered by King George lll in 1770 – yes, 1770 – before the Declaration of Independence!
  • In 1912, the US Chamber of Commerce was established following a proposal by President Taft and Charles Nagel, secretary of commerce and labor.
  • The first local Chamber of Commerce was founded in Charleston, South Carolina. Now there are over 5000 local chambers across the US.
  • The Greater Ocean Township Chamber of Commerce (GOTCC) was originally called Township of Ocean Business & Professional Association – and was founded in 1984. Originally servicing Ocean Township and the surrounding towns, GOTCC, The GREATER Chamber now includes members throughout Monmouth County.
  • One of the GOTCC’s founding members, Martin Arbus still serves as an Honorary Board Member today!

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