Nicholas Gradone is the proprietor of Atlantic Kitchen & Bath in Ocean Township. He has sat on the Board since 2010 having served as President, Vice President and Secretary of the Executive Board. Nick served as both Chair and Co-Chair of the Golf Committee and is currently a member of that committee and the Membership Committee.

Nick began his career over 40 years ago designing cabinetry for beauty salons. As time progressed, he followed a new career path in real estate. Having been a broker for many years, Nick discovered how much he enjoyed helping clients envision home improvements and eventually started a construction company concentrating on home remodeling. His talents as a designer and his ability to build relationships with people have been a winning combination in this challenging and extremely exciting industry.

Always on the cutting edge of design and technology, Nick has the gift of thinking “outside the box” when it comes to design and functionality. Together with his Design Team, they will help you create the dream space you’ve always desired.

Nicholas D. Gradone
Atlantic Kitchen & Bath, LLC
3301 Fairmont Avenue
Ocean, NJ 07712